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We offer a complete pet grooming service for dogs and cats.  We bring our equipment and supplies in to your home and groom your pet where you have the best light indoors.  You are welcome and encouraged to watch everything we do. And don't worry, we completely clean up afterwards.  We also play soothing music in the background on a small stereo.

Our grooming service includes the clip of your choice(if applicable), the bathing of the pet, clipping toenails, ear cleaning, gentle removal of the ear canal hair and expressing of anal glands when necessary and lots of TLC.

We use only high quality shampoos and conditioners appropriate to your pet's skin and coat condition.  We always hand dry, never using cage dryers or heated blowers that can be so dangerous if not monitored closely.  We prefer to keep our hands on your pet and give them 100% of our personalized attention.

The nail trim can be a very traumatic experience, especially if they were done improperly as youngsters.  The "quick" or vein in the toe nail has nerve endings which can cause pain if cut.  If your pet's nails have ever been cut too short where blood was drawn and there was pain, they will always remember.  One of the wonderful and amazing aspects of our animal companions is one of forgiveness.  We have turned around a lot of dogs who had been terrified of having their nails trimmed.  We have been able to trim nails on dogs who have had to be muzzled and/or sedated in the past - and with loving words and gentle restraint (no muzzles) we were quite successful.  In fact we did regular nail trims on a little Chihuahua named Pebbles who just couldn't wait for us to take her from Daddy to get her nails done!

Before we even pick up a comb or brush, we go over their entire body with our hands.  We need to know if there are any moles, lumps, skin tags, or sore areas that we should be aware of.  We want him or her to know that we are as aware of their bodies as they are.  This is an important step in building their trust in us.  We also let you know if we suspect anything that we think your veterinarian should check out.

We think it is very important to let them know what we are doing -- and we communicate with them throughout their entire grooming session.  We offer positive reinforcement with a patient, loving attitude.  We want your precious pets to feel good as well as look good!  Your pet's well-being is our main priority.